Here are some explanations and revision notes for the Advanced Exam for Radio Amateurs - I hope you find them useful.

The Advanced Exam Syllabus 

This has been downloaded from the RSGB website and is included here as a one-stop resource. You might wish to check that this is the latest version by visiting the RSGB website.

Formula sheet Conversion chart 

On this sheet you will find all the examples of the formulae you might meet in the Advanced exam. You just have to work out which is the appropriate one to use.

Frequency to wavelength conversion chart for use in the Advanced exam.

Components  Primer

Below are PDF copies of my PowerPoint presentations for the Advanced course. You will need to use the ‘Back’ button on your browser to get back to the list. Where possible I link the slides to the page in the Advance! Book and often suggest further reading from the web.

This is the first presentation and covers some of the mathematical terms which you will need to know. It goes on to discuss atomic structures and how electricity can flow.

This presentation start with Ohms Law and leads into Resistors in Series & Parallel, EMF, series source resistance, potential difference then into the world of Capacitors

Magnetism Inductance  AC

This presentation deals with Magnetism, Electromagnetism and Induction

This presentation deals with Inductance and coils

This presentation starts of with explaining the conditions necessary to generate AC voltages, then goes on to discuss circuits with L C & R, Resonance, Bandwidth, Filters, Q, Crystals and Transformers